About Doing Life Write

 It started with a Christmas present.  Years ago after becoming one of the many people falling into the ‘single again’ category I found myself struggling with finances to the point of foolishly ‘robbing from Peter’ to pay for Christmas gifts for my kids.  Adding to the struggle of adapting to single parenting both of my parents passed away in the same year. Needless to say I was not exactly doing life right; not that I was doing life wrong, more like I was doing life ‘hard.’  Looking back now I can see the signs of depression. I looked at it then as ‘maintaining’, ‘keeping my head above water’, home to work, home to work, trying to keep my sh*t together and not let anyone see the pain.  Every Christmas we would get together at mom and dad’s to celebrate the family Christmas with all the brothers, sisters and cousins.  After they passed the family get-togethers were hosted by my sister.  We all looked forward to them…I think.  At this time in my life I had no extra cash. I had no cash for bills for that matter.  One plus, I suppose, was that being single I wasn’t expected to cook something to bring for dinner. The single family members were delegated to bringing pop, or chips, or dinner rolls.  It was kind of like our ‘scarlet letter’.  During this period in the summers my kids and I took trips up to

Empire, Michigan and my Uncle Frank and Aunt Louise’s farm; Springdale Farm. Taking my two kids around to all the places I frequented as a child brought back a flood of memories that were so real to me that my heart ached with the remembered experiences.  I spent some time once we returned home to listing all the memories I could dredge up from my dusty mind ‘present memory refreshed,’ as they say in legal terms.  With no money in hand but access to a computer I wrote out one of those stories and handed a copy to each of my siblings for Christmas. It was received quite well and even prompted some literary offerings from the family too.  I have posted some to facebook but that has it’s own limitations. Most of the stories you’ll read here are fueled by my own life experiences. My friends and family have been encouraging me to get my stories ‘out there.’ so here I am, new to the blog scene. I hope you enjoy reading what I have so enjoyed writing.